Explorer Wings Cabinet

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Dimensions: 22W x 22.5D x 73.5H
Weight: 84lb
Packing Info: 23W x 23D x 74H
Weight: 90.5lb
Product #:
Explorer Wings Cabinet


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Eucalyptus wood frame, soft polypropylene and polyester Regatta rope in mixed gray, nylon glides

Those whose souls crave adventure, who long to explore all the riches the world has to offer, will recognize the essence of discovery and exoticism in the Explorer Collection.

Your desire for unique, exciting experiences is rivaled only by your hunger for affordable comfort, in all its forms. Think sustainable, plantation-grown Acacia and Eucalyptus, regatta rope that triumphs over time and the elements, maintaining its natural beauty and strength for generations. Envision granite, cocoa, teak, and flame—the colors that animate your dreams of exploration and quest. Powder-coated metal finishes protect some of these durable yet elegant pieces, affording you the opportunity to rest—between bouts of wanderlust—without a care in the world. Why worry? Nomads like you revere practicality and craftsmanship, which echo throughout each piece in this collection.

Recreate paradise indoors or out with furniture that maintains its bold good looks, while holding you in an embrace of deep comfort. Hewn from recyclable, organic, all-weather materials (fast-drying rope, 10,000 double-braided and UV-stabilized yarns), these pieces reflect your adventurous spirit and thirst for discovery.

Important safety instructions: This cabinet includes 1x anti-tipping device that must be attached to the exterior of the cabinet by end customer at time of installation. Download installation instructions here.

Product requires simple assembly

Some stocked furniture materials for the Explorer Collection may
experience some minor dye lot variation

Serious or fatal crushing injuries / death can occur from furniture tip-over. To help prevent tip-over:

• Prior to use, install the anti tip-over restraint provided.

• Place heaviest items in the lowest areas of the cabinet

• DO NOT set TV’s or other heavy objects on top of or in the highest parts of this cabinet.

NEVER allow children to climb on / into or hang on to any part of this cabinet including the door or shelving. Do not permit children to play on or under this furniture item. ALWAYS supervise children around furniture.

• Frequently check the ani tip-over restraint to make sure it is in good working order and attached securely to the cabinet and a solid and secure structure such as a solid wall.

• During extreme wind conditions, consider relocating / moving the cabinet into a more protected space and securing it to prevent being blown over.

• Always read, follow and install furniture according to

• Manufacturer’s instructions.


Use of anti-tip-over restraint may only reduce, but not eliminate the risk of tip over.

 Ships in 1 carton box

Estimated Packed Volume: 22.2 CBF | .63 CBM

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