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Ceramic Material

Ceramic: Directly from the Earth Our ceramic products are made from fine-grained clays, shaped by artisans, and hand-glazed with closely guarded recipes.

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Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Material

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Handmade glazed ceramic Material

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Lightweight Concrete Material

Concrete: A Lightweight Architectural Medium Our lightweight concrete furnishings and accessories elevate a common building medium to an art form.

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Metal Material

Metals: Strength with Resilience Metal furniture frames give our furnishings strength and durability for outdoor environments. We also use metal for its sheer beauty as a covering, in the case of our Ingot Collection. In all cases, metal elements are crafted for long-lasting beauty.

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Rock Material

Volcanic Rock: Enduring Beauty The Seasonal Living Etna Collection is created from naturally occurring volcanic rock. We also use a product for table tops that relies on a technology that accelerates the metamorphosis of natural raw materials into an ultracompact surface.

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Wood Material

Wood: Renewable and Reclaimable Wood plays an important role in several Seasonal Living furniture collections. From use as a frame material to pieces that stand alone for their practicality and beauty, wood is a renewable and reclaimable resource.

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Woven Material

Woven: Rugged Versatility Strong, soft recyclable polypropylene rope gives our furniture comfort and distinctive weaving patterns that set it apart.

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