Woven: Rugged Versatility

Strong, soft recyclable polypropylene rope gives our furniture comfort and distinctive weaving patterns that set it apart.

Raw Elements

Polypropylene rope is made from a hardy polymer that is resistant to moisture, rot, heat, friction, acids, alkalis, oils, many solvents, and alcohols. The rope is woven from three-strand yarn making it extremely durable and strong.


The polypropylene rope used in Seasonal Living furniture weaves is combined with UV-stabilized yarns, increasing its ability to retain color and tensile strength. It provides outstanding knot ability and retains its softness even in wet environments. On Seasonal Living furnishings that feature a weave, polypropylene rope is woven around powder-coated metal frames for outdoor protection.


Polypropylene weave material can be recycled.


  • 2-3 times a year we recommend using cool, clean water to gently rinse down roping to remove dirt
  • Use a flow of clean water mixed with hand-washing dish soap
  • Do not use high-powered water jets or pressure washers
  • Rinse thoroughly and allow the product to air dry naturally
  • Do not place against heaters or close to any other heating device or open fire as this may weaken or damage the elasticity of the regatta roping material.