Seasonal Ceramic Furnishings
Like exotic jewels, our ceramic furniture punctuates beautifully designed furniture groupings with pop and personality. Add scale and a sculptural aesthetic to any design. Flexible customization options allow you to tailor to personal specifications. Our manufacturer is a third-generation family appointed as official ceramicist of the Kingdom of Thailand’s royal household. Artisans create molds, shape pieces, and apply glazes by hand—from start to finish. Closely guarded glaze formulas yield saturated colors in both matte and gloss finishes that stand the test of time, even in challenging outdoor settings. Flexible, beautiful, and completely recyclable—each piece is a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Each piece of ceramic furniture is born from clay, hand-dug from Thailand’s central provinces. Handmade plaster of Paris molds shape each piece as it air-cures into greenware. After a first firing, crystalline glazes are applied. Glazes are closely guarded recipes, with natural ingredients and no heavy metals. Gas-fired kilns ensure an intense, consistent heat that brings glazes to jewel-like color saturation. Expect small color, glaze, and surface variations. These are normal in handcrafted ceramics, adding character and guaranteeing the uniqueness of each piece.