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Your Top 10 Virtual Showhouse Questions – Answered!

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Your Top 10 Questions Answered About Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Designer Shwohouse
It’s been so exciting to reveal Seasonal Living Magazine’s Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse to you and to the world at large in the special Showhouse edition of Seasonal Living Magazine.

Since the unveiling on Dec. 3rd, 2020, we’ve fielded many questions about our magazine’s virtual designer Showhouse, everything from “How much does it cost to tour it?” (nothing, it’s free) to “How do I navigate it?” (See the video tutorials below).

The purpose of this post will be to answer the Top 10 questions we’ve received about the Showhouse.

We hope it will serve as a reference post that you can share with those you know, if they ask you these same questions.

The cover of the special Showhouse Edition of Seasonal Living Magazine

Ready for the answers to your Top 10 Questions?

Here we go…

1. How much does it cost to tour the Virtual Designer Showhouse?
Nothing, it is completely free.

2. Does it require an email to see the Virtual Designer Showhouse?
No, no email is required to tour our magazine’s Virtual Designer Showhouse. It is open to tour, 24/7, as often as you want, for as long as you want.

3. Where can I tour the Virtual Designer Showhouse?
In this special Showhouse edition of Seasonal Living Magazine, via clicking the large arrow on page 23.

Image of double page spread in Seasonal Living Magazine of Virtual Designer Showhouse
Here’s the link that will take you directly to page 23 so you can tour now, but we recommend reading the rest of this post, first, and watching our *How To Navigate* tutorials, linked to below.


4. How long will Seasonal Living Magazine’s Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse be open?
Forever. How can that be, you ask? Our magazine is hosted on the ISSUU.com platform, the world’s #1 website for hosting digital magazines. ISSUU receives over 100 million page views a month, and they were our media partner for this event. As long as ISSUU is in business, our magazine’s virtual designer showhouse will be available to tour, free of charge, 24/7, forever. 

5. How do I navigate through the Virtual Showhouse?
It’s easy!

Navigation Information for Seasonal Living Magazine's Digital Showhouse

See our video tutorials below, too, but first, here are two basic facts to know that will make it easier for you, and which will explain the image above.

1. Because the Showhouse is so large, 20,000 square feet, and it is a rendering, (in other words it does not exist in the real world), we divided it into 4 wings to make it faster for each wing to upload so you would have a better viewing experience.

So your first step is to choose the wing you’d like to visit.

Upstairs: The Principal Suite, consisting of 4 rooms. Interior designer: Jeanne K. Chung
Downstairs Pool Area and Tasting Terrace: Interior designer: Laura Muller

North Wing: Interior designers: Robin Baron [ Zoom Room ],  Veronica Solomon [ Dining Room ],  Rachel Moriarty [ Laundry/Decontamination Room ], Ariana Afshar Lovato [ Kitchen and Indoor Food Growing Solarium ], and Gloribell Lebron [ Creative Studio/Guest Bedroom ].

South Wing: Interior designers, Carla Aston [ Living Room ], Michelle Jennings-Wiebe [ Ocean View Lounge ], Arianne Bellizaire [ Family Room/Schoolroom ], Erika Hollingshead Ward [ Sanctuary Room and Wellness Terrace ]

Meet our participating designers in more detail by clicking https://bit.ly/MeetTheShowhouseDesigners – a post previously on our blog.

2. Next, within each room, in each wing, there are multiple views of that room. There are two ways to navigate each view. 

a. One is by clicking on the small arrows in each view, which will open up the other views of the same room.
b. The other way is to use the ROOM SELECT feature on the bottom navigation bar to see the different views of each room available to you. Click the small square to be taken to that view of the room.

We invite you to take your time to visit each room, in each wing, and to click through to each view, to see and explore every fascinating detail!

Now, here are 3 video tutorials we invite you to watch before you tour. Choose to watch one, or watch them all. 


Watch this 1:30 second video tutorial by our rendering team partner, Jenna Gaidusek, CEO of eDesignTribe.com, by clicking the arrow in the center of this image. This video tutorial is also embedded on page 22 of the special Showhouse edition of Seasonal Living Magazine.


Watch this 5:00 minute video tutorial by Luann Nigara by clicking the link below. This video link is an excerpt from Luann’s hosting of our opening night launch party, so feel free to watch the entire video if you missed joining us!



Lastly, we invite you to watch this excellent *How To Navigate* video produced by one of our participating designers, Arianne Bellizaire.

6. How do I navigate upstairs to the principal suite in the Virtual Showhouse?

To navigate upstairs follow these 4 simple steps (make sure you have your product dots turned on first)

1. Click the arrow in the downstairs foyer area that says, “Click To Go Upstairs”. You will see a screen open and a blue button that says, LEARN MORE. Click the LEARN MORE button.
2. Click open the bottom navigation bar and click *Room Select*
4. Above the small square images of all the rooms you will now see on the bottom nav bar, you will see two smaller rectangles. One says GF and one says 2F. Click 2F for second floor.
Voila! You are upstairs! Now take your mouse or use your keypad and start exploring these stunning spaces!

Navigation instructions to the 2nd floor of Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Designer Showhouse

7. What’s the best way to find and view the Virtual Showhouse?

The best viewing experience will be on your desktop or laptop, but it is possible to tour it via your mobile phones, too. If you’d like to tour it via your mobile phone, please download the free ISSUU app, available for iPhone or Android.

To find, read and tour the special Showhouse edition of the magazine now, click this link: https://seasonalliving.com/seasonal-living-magazine.

After our new Spring issue comes out in March 2021, please go directly to https://www.issuu.com/seasonallivingmagazine to view and tour the Showhouse.

Covers of last four issues of Seasonal Living Magazine

8. How do I find out more about the products I’m seeing?

Either through the product hotspots or the product list.

We find it a better viewing experience to turn off the hotspots (do that by clicking *More* on the bottom nav bar and then clicking the Product Hotspot button to *off*).

Then, go to the bottom nav bar and click PRODUCT LIST, so you will see all the products you are seeing in your current view, in a large format, and only on the left hand side of your screen. Clicking any of those squares brings up more information about that product, allows you to see associated product images and also allows you to scan the QR codes attached to many of the products.

In some cases, you can shop the products directly from the link in the product image, via a sponsor’s e commerce site, too.

See the products from the Robin Baron Collection – used in most of the designer’s rooms – for this e commerce shopping feature.

Image shows how to find the PRODUCT LIST in Seasonal Living Magazine's Virtual Designer Showhouse
9. Where do I find and how do I use the QR codes to see some of the products in my home, via AR aka augmented reality?

We have a video tutorial for you to watch, that will show you exactly how to do that, embedded on page 22 of the special Showhouse edition of the magazine, or click the arrow on the video below to watch it now.

10. How do I tour the house, hands free, using virtual reality goggles?

See the How To video, embedded on page 22 of the magazine, or click the link below to go to our YouTube video about this, now:

So there you have it, your Top 10 questions about our magazine’s virtual Showhouse, answered.

If you have further questions, we invite you to send them to us at editor@seasonalliving.com so we can make sure you have the best viewing experience, possible.

To close this post, we would like to thank our sponsors, our participating designers, our rendering team, and our principal team, and the editors that have helped us amplify this exciting innovation and collaboration.

First, our sponsors. Without their trust in us, what has been achieved would not have been possible and it would not be free to view for you.

We invite you all to follow them by clicking on this link to our Meet The Sponsors blog post:


We are very grateful.


Next, meet our 11 participating designers.


We invite you to get to know them all better, follow them on Instagram, and subscribe to their blogs by reading our Meet The Designers blog post, here:


Next, we invite you to meet our Virtual Showhouse rendering team of Sarah Durnez and Annilee Waterman, led by Jenna Gaidusek, CEO of edesigntribe.com, on page 22 of the Special Showhouse Edition of Seasonal Living Magazine by clicking on this link: https://issuu.com/seasonallivingmagazine/docs/seasonal_living_magazine_special_edition_2020/22

eDesignTribe rendering team image
and lastly, our Showhouse principals, Gary Pettitt, CEO of 5x Arts Award winning modern indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting, planter and decorative accessories brand, Seasonal Living and publisher of Seasonal Living Magazine and Leslie Carothers, CEO of Savour Partnership.

Her company’s Creative Director, Sam Henderson, (center), is responsible for the design of this special Showhouse edition of Seasonal Living Magazine, and all editions of Seasonal Living Magazine.

Image of Gary Pettitt, Sam Henderson and Leslie Carothers
This exciting collaboration has been amplified by many voices and publications, who have helped us spread the word about the Showhouse’s 3 themes of wellness, sustainability and flexibility.

We would especially like to thank industry trade publications, Business of Home, Designers Today, Furniture Lighting and Decor magazine and KBB Online for the articles and blogs their editors have written on our magazine’s luxury virtual Showhouse.

Read the Business of Home blog post here: https://businessofhome.com/articles/how-seasonal-living-is-partnering-with-designers-to-create-a-virtual-showhouse
Read the Designers Today magazine article here: http://digipub.designerstoday.com?shareKey=6nOD4G
Read the Furniture Lighting and Decor magazine article here: https://mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?m=44489&i=685011&p=40
Read the KBB Online article here: https://www.kbbonline.com/news/featured/an-insiders-look-at-a-virtual-showhouse/

In addition we would like to thank our media partner, ISSUU, for this blog post – and their newsletter about our Showhouse that went out to over 5 million people.

Read the ISSUU blog post here: https://blog.issuu.com/announcing-the-worlds-first-virtual-luxury-designer-showhouse-and-vip-event-on-youtube/

Lastly, we would like to thank the consumer facing publications who have written about our Showhouse: Forbes and Trendhunter. Trendhunter is the #1 trend site in the world.

Read Forbes’ article #2 here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiegold/2020/12/17/covid-inspires-wellness-designed-virtual-showcase-home/?sh=32f6826c984f

Read the Trendhunter article here: https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/virtual-showhouse 

As we close out this post, we invite you to get your complimentary subscription to Seasonal Living Magazine by clicking this link:


You won’t want to miss our SPRING edition, coming this March!

BLog 3 Complimentary SubscriptionThank you again for your support this year for all we have undertaken. We appreciate it greatly and we hope you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

We look forward to seeing you back at High Point Market and Las Vegas Market in 2021, where we will be introducing Laura Muller’s new outdoor SANDCASTLE collection – our first licensed collaboration with an interior designer.


The Team At Seasonal Living

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