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Who’s excited that fall is finally here? The crisp, cooler air feels so good, doesn’t it?

Are you enjoying entertaining outside? Are you grilling for your family and friends? Just the thought of that delicious barbeque smell has our mouth watering! What about yours?

There’s no better time than right now to take advantage of all that outdoor living has to offer, and that includes staying comfortable and warm outside as the temps dip down even further. Our hand hammered copper INGOT *Aztec* indoor/outdoor fire pedestals help you do just that.

Each of these stunning fire pedestals has been made by an artisan from Santa Clara de Cobre, the largest producer of copper in New Spain (now Mexico) during colonial times, which has continued its reign as the leading center for artisan copper production until the present day.

Artisans steeped in the tradition of metalworking work on each piece one by one. Their workshop is an evocative world of smoke and heat where age-old hammering techniques completely replace mechanical procedures.

See the process below.

As you can see, each piece of our INGOT collection, whether a fire pedestal, fire table, cocktail table or end table is a work of art and no two are exactly alike. They are perfect for any luxury outdoor living area, whether for your home, vacation home or resort property.

We also urge you to use caution when purchasing any fire table, though, and to carefully read our full safety instructions, here. Please note that all of our fire tables require a specific type of bio-fuel known as Super.Bio.Fuel (to learn more about this fuel, visit: https://www.luminaproducts.com/collections/super-bio-fuel. To get exact specifications on our entire INGOT collection, please click to page 124 of our online catalog, here

We recently featured our INGOT fire pedestal on the cover of the MODERN MOROCCO issue of Seasonal Living Magazine, our digital luxury lifestyle magazine about all things TRAVEL. FOOD. ENTERTAINING. DESIGN.

If you missed this issue and would like to see it please click on the cover here to view it in its entirety, and if you would like to get your complimentary subscription to all future issues, including the one coming out in October on all things Paris, please click here. We’d love to have your feedback and ideas for future issues, too. If you’d like, please send them to us at editor@seasonalliving.com.

Lastly, although we don’t sell indoor outdoor area rugs ourselves, we know that stylish outdoor area rugs are an essential part of keeping you and your guests (and your pets!) comfortable during the fall outdoor entertaining season so we’ve put together the following selections for you.

Each rug shown comes in different sizes, some in round sizes or as narrower runners, too.

We think all of them would be a perfect complement to any of the items in our hand hammered copper INGOT collection, and invite you to purchase these by clicking on the associated blue links to the far right underneath each image. (FULL DISCLOSURE:  If you do buy one of these, we will make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. )

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As always, we appreciate you taking your time to read our blog and hope you and your families enjoy all the wonders of the fall season.
The Team At Seasonal Living

Gary Pettitt
CEO and Owner

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