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Who’s ready to sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy a 10 minute break while sipping a glass of wine or frosty cocktail, while on a virtual vacation to Scandinavia via the pages of the June/July 2019 edition of Seasonal Living Magazine?

If that’s you and you’re ready right now, click the image below or click here!

Seasonal Living Magazine Scandinavia
We are so excited to be bringing you our new Scandinavian themed summer edition and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

The Scandinavian countries, traditionally thought of as comprising only Sweden, Denmark and Norway, but now more often thought of as also including Finland and Iceland, (thanks to the promotional work being done by the Scandinavian Tourist Board of North America) are one of the cleanest, most hospitable and most refreshing travel destinations to visit during the hot summer months.

In this issue you will find our recommendations of what to see, eat and do in each of those five countries and we’d love to know if you agree with our recommendations or if you have some of your own to suggest.

Below is a *sneak peek* of our custom illustrated map found in our new issue. Did you know that Greenland, the Faroe Islands, the Aland Islands, and Svalbard are all also considered part of the *Nordic* countries now?

Illustrated Map of Scandinavia

These countries are a traveller’s dream! Whether you love picnicking outdoors, hiking and biking, trying great new restaurants, sailing, or just relaxing in one of their world famous saunas, you are in for a treat if you visit any of the Scandinavian countries or outlying Nordic archipelago islands we’ve featured.

This issue’s guest contributor, kitchen designer, Scandinavian rug importer and photographer, Susan Serra, CKD, shares with you the history of Scandinavian design in this issue, a history that includes generations of her family and one that’s also inexorably woven into the DNA of our indoor/outdoor furniture line.

Susan Serra

For instance, on page 15 of this issue, you’ll learn more about Danish furniture architect Finn Oodergard, the designer of our popular Fernando de Naronha chair below, part of our ARCHIPELAGO collection.Fernando de Naronha And you’ll see even more of our award winning indoor outdoor furniture collection, including our PERPETUAL square concrete dining table shown below (with its very special finish) along with our Oceans Lounge Chair and Ottoman from our EXPLORER collection and our gorgeously glazed ceramic FLOW stool, all highly influenced by the Scandinavian preference for clean lines and indoor outdoor functionality.

Our BOTTLE glazed ceramic accent tables are also a favorite. Which color do you prefer?
Best Indoor Outdoor Ceramic Occasional Tables
Scandinavia’s famous open sandwiches are explored, as well, with easy and delicious recipes for you to make for your own picnics or indoor outdoor summer gatherings. Don’t miss learning about the special bread that is at the heart of these summer sandwiches. Click here if you can’t wait to get these recipes right now.

And no issue of Seasonal Living Magazine is complete without bringing you design inspiration for your own homes! In this issue, we’ve featured Austin, Texas based interior designer, Christine Turnkett, the owner of Breathe Design Studio.

Christine’s backstory is a fascinating one, starting with running a well known fashion blog while she was getting her Ph.D in English and teaching at the University of Texas.

Don’t miss finding out how she parlayed her love for fashion and her intellectually rigorous mind into a very successful interior design career, where she specializes in fresh, well edited Scandinavian inspired interiors that have been featured in Dwell Magazine.

The best Scandinavian inspired interiors - Christine Turnkett
On our DISCOVERIES page, you’ll find even more of our favorite picnic finds than what you see here.

Below, find our oversized roll up picnic blanket, a Fujifilm camera for taking brighter pictures, a portable Thermacell water purifier, modern, reusable plastic glasses, and a hand hewn wooden cutting board –  finds that make the perfect summer gift for you or for someone who loves the idea of an outdoor picnic, too.

Click 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 to buy any of these items right now. ( Please note, if you do, we will make a small commission that helps us offset the cost of running this blog. Thank you! )

Best Finds For Summer PicnicsAnd who can resist The Perfect Picnic Basket with its rolling wheels? Outfitted with everything you need for a perfect summer picnic, it makes it a breeze to get from your  car or ferry ride to your picnic spot.

Buy The Perfect Picnic basket by clicking here.

Lastly, we want to say thank you to our first magazine advertiser, our long time valued brick and mortar retailer partner, FurnitureLand South. The USA’s largest furniture store, FurnitureLand South is located in High Point, North Carolina and recently launched a 38,000 square foot indoor/outdoor experience center for their customers.

We are honored to have our furniture and our magazine represented on their showroom floor and encourage you to visit their store in person and ask one of their trained designers to help you design an indoor outdoor living room and kitchen area using our indoor outdoor furniture, lighting and decorative accessories to create the perfect outdoor oasis for your family.

Furniture Land South indoor outdoor furniture
As always, we value your feedback on any aspect of Seasonal Living Magazine, and invite you to send it to us at editor@seasonalliving.com. 

We also invite you to get your complimentary subscription to future issues of Seasonal Living Magazine by clicking here. When you sign up for a subscription, you will  automatically be sent an additional download link for our FREE bonus issue, “How To Design An Indoor/Outdoor Living Room On Any Budget.”

And if you missed our previous issues of Seasonal Living Magazine, and would like to idle away some summer hours looking through them, we invite you to click here for our issue on Lake Life in Northern Lake Michigan, here for our issue on San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, here for our holiday issue on the islands of the Caribbean, here for our issue on Modern Morocco and here for our issue on Savannah, Georgia.

Lastly, if you are interested in advertising in Seasonal Living Magazine, please reach out to us for our rates at editor@seasonalliving.com.

As always, thank you for reading. We appreciate each of you and wish you all a carefree summer ahead wherever your vacation plans, whether virtual or real, may be taking you.

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