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It’s not easy to get to the far flung archipelago island known as Fernando de Noronha, one of the inspirations for our new ARCHIPELAGO collection of indoor outdoor furnishings recently introduced at Las Vegas Market, but it’s worth the trip! What a feast for the senses it is, everything you see, smell, touch, feel and hear brings your whole world vividly to life!

Some of you may have already been fortunate enough to have visited this ecological sanctuary, a remote volcanic rock formation, one of several islands in this archipelago which rises out of the deep seabed in the South Atlantic Ocean, about 200 miles off the northeastern coast of Brazil, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our beautiful Fernando de Noronha chair, inspired by this beautiful island archipelago, and seen in the image below, was designed by the world renowned Danish furniture designer, Finn Østergaard, whose classic Scandinavian chair designs now sell for many thousands of dollars at auction on sites like Artnet.com and others.

It provides a comfortable roost to relax into and yet, as it gently envelops you, one doesn’t find it restrictive. Its breezy woven structure is made from a combination of powder-coated aluminum over which polyurethane roping is wrapped and woven by hand in steely gray or brilliant crimson red. Whichever color you select, this beautiful chair adds a touch of clean modern styling to any indoor outdoor living area without having to work too hard to make a silent statement.

What makes Fernando de Noronha, the place, so special?

Besides being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a large part of the area is also a National Marine Park. It contains three of Brazil’s most famous beaches and, for those of you who are birders, it is home to one of the largest colonies of sea bird breeding colonies in the South Atlantic. The waters are teeming with sea turtles, manta rays and all forms of vividly colored aquatic life, which also makes Fernando de Noronha a beloved destination vacation for snorkelers the world over. Although it is expensive to reach due to its remote location, it is a must see, at least once in your lifetime!

Our ARCHIPELAGO collection was influenced by our thinking about the history of the many archipelagos around the world that inspired the halycon days of early sea-faring travel from those who earned their living on the high-seas to those lucky few who travelled the world in luxurious style (far from today’s madding crowds). One can only imagine illustrious explorers and their awe as they approached these magnificent islands!

From the cooler temperate archipelago of the northern Faroe Islands, situated off the coast of Northern Europe halfway between Iceland and Norway, shown below, to the tropical jewel tones of the sub-equatorial archipelagos like Fernando de Naronha, to the crisp white beaches of the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, scattered like pearls across the South Pacific, the shapes in our new ARCHIPELAGO collection take their inspiration from the curves of the islands, the balloon of a sail set free to follow the wind, and the swoop of the gulls as they soar high above the gulf stream currents.

Bay Hill on Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia. Image: Esther Inbar 
Whitsunday Island I Australia
Today, archipelagos attract a different kind of voyager, many who share our passion for insuring the world’s most fragile ecosystems are preserved and nurtured.

Our new ARCHIPELAGO collection, made for us by a family of generational artisans, was inspired by many of the hand-crafted elements, colors, textures, knots and weaves that sailors and fishermen have used for centuries.

One of the new MALDIVE dining chairs from our ARCHIPELAGO collection is shown in close up below, paired with a table from our ETNA Collection. Crafted out of volcanic stone on top of which ceramic jewel-tones are hand-applied, this process creates unique one of a kind pieces of furniture – a rarity these days. Any ETNA Collection piece can live outside in snow and freezing temperatures without ever needing to be covered, a fact our luxury hospitality and residential customers appreciate. (On a side note: new this market from our ETNA collection was our ETNA flooring in jewel toned colors, perfect for indoor outdoor areas that are subject to a high range of temperature variation).

Our SOCIETY LILY PAD ottoman collection is another example of new products in our ARCHIPEALGO collection.  Inspired by the history of craftsmen who made their livelihoods weaving baskets and woven products, these fabulous new ottomans really speak to island life north or south of the equator.

To see even more views of our new ARCHIPELAGO collection, please click here, to see our latest video taken in our Las Vegas Market showroom where we introduced this collection last month.

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