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Flexible and Multi-Use Ornamental Vases for the Holidays

Is your store stocked and ready to delight holiday consumers? If not, we’d suggest that you consider investing in flexible and multi-use ornamental vases from Seasonal Living. They are sure to attract a seasonal shopper’s undivided attention.

This is especially the case with our Giant Masfung Vases. Handcrafted from high fired ceramic, they sport 15 inch wide, stunning profiles and resplendent jewel-tones. Jewel-tones currently on offer include metallic, turquoise blue, red and oyster gray.


Each Giant Masfung Vase stands a majestic 63 inches high and has a depth of 16 inches. So they would be ideal for housing decorative, lighted branches and assorted holiday finery. Places to consider placing the Giant Masfung Vases are on top of tables, mantle places and display pedestals.

PERPETUAL-COLLECTION---POSITANO-VASES_LRAnother ornamental vase your holiday shoppers may favor is the Perpetual Positano. A central part of our highly coveted Perpetual Collection, it too is handcrafted. Each Perpetual Positano Vase is made with a weather-resistant, lightweight concrete. They also come in two different colors, white and slate gray.

Some believe that the contoured surface of the large, ornamental vases resemble waves. Others liken the design to that found on a Queen Ann Palm. Either way, the ornamental vase’s contours and shiny finish will pair beautifully with ambient and holiday light displays.

Because of their resistance to the elements, the flexible and multiuse vases would look beautiful positioned at the entrance to a store or standout display. They could also be situated indoors. If used indoors, consider placing the ornamental vases in a corridor, near a fireplace or alongside a foyer table.

To learn more about these ornamental vases and other innovative products, please contact us. Members of our Seasonal Living team may be reached online. We also expect to participate in several upcoming trade shows. So you may be able to catch us at one of them as well.


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