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High quality outdoor furniture for your home oasis

SEASONAL LIVING - SPIRALS TEAK COLLECTION 4You work hard. When you are home, you want to be able to relax and enjoy the solace of being away from work. Or maybe you like to entertain and want that polished look for when your entertaining moves outdoors. You deserve high quality outdoor furniture.

Patios are no longer just for relaxing; they’re also for decorating. According to Linda Moran, creative and carefree styles are the latest craze in outdoor furniture.

She goes on to say:

Teak has a timeless look and was originally used on boats. It’s absolutely free of care if you let it weather to its natural silver gray and will last forever, so be sure to like the style you choose http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/latest-trends-in-outdoor-furniture/index.html  

This, according to HGTV.com emphasizes the need for finding the right look for your outdoor area. In finding that perfect look, make sure that you are looking at materials that will hold up in your weather conditions. If there is a lot of rain in your area, you need to make sure that any cushions or pillows you purchase are made for outdoor use.

Teak is a wonderful wood to have for outdoor furniture. It was once a mainstay and is now a luxury product; A must for any outdoor living area. The traditional square table has evolved to the curves and smooth line in the Scandinavian-style.The Spirals Teak Furniture Collection can be seen at:  https://www.seasonalliving.com/store/products/tag/new-products/PERPETUAL COLLECTION - LOIRE TABLE -  2 IMG_4894_Small

You may like the traditional feel of wood. If that is not the case, look to a synthetic or woven material. New designs and materials are always being updated with some very non-traditional BlackLaceChairMountains_RGB_2SMCERAMIC BLUE COLLECTIONstyles available.  Stone may be the best choice if you would like a natural look. Our stone products offer a very clean, elegant look.

Knowing your style will help make your decision easier. Stone, lightweight concrete (such as Seasonal Living’s Loire Table) or ceramic may appeal to you if your style leans towards modern. More traditional, teak may be what you need. But don’t limit yourself. Look at the different styles that are out there. You may find that mixing and matching the different styles will give you the feel that is perfect for your outdoor space.

Don’t forget the accessories. The perfect accent may be what your outdoor space needs to pull it all together. Consider a decorative vase or a modern sculpture. The idea is to optimize your space and take your living outdoors.

Ceramics are stylish additions. Consider a brightly colored ceramic table, accent table or vase that can be used to harmonize your furniture color palette. There are many colors which you can choose to add that perfect accent.

Consider custom-upgraded Sunbrella® fabric for your new Spirals Teak Furniture, By customizing your fabrics you personalize and accentuate your unique style. Blended with Season Living Ceramics, your newly decorated outdoor living space will become an oasis of colors and textures. This blend of design, color and texture, when laid upon one another create your perfect harmony and express the essence of your personality.

Make that outdoor space the place that you think of when heading home from a long day at work. We can help you plan or update your outdoor living space. Contact us for more information.

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