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Luxury Indoor Outdoor Furniture: The Black Lace Collection

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BlackLaceChairMountains_RGB_2SM302FT102P2-BThere was a time–and not that long ago–when the idea of your customers bringing outdoor furniture inside the home was not only utterly unacceptable, but, well…rather embarrassing. Those were the days when outdoor furniture was made of colored plastic or cheap aluminum frames covered with sticky rubber strips.

If the neighbors happened to stop by, they’d wonder if they should even be associating with your customer.

And in some cities today—mostly college towns—it’s actually illegal to put indoor furniture outside. No floral patterned sofa on the front porch, please.

As you know, times have changed. And leading the pack with high quality, cutting edge Indoor Outdoor furniture and unique accessories is the multi award-winning boutique wholesaler, Seasonal Living. This innovative company offers truly one-of-a-kind pieces: fresh, different and nature-inspired, they’re unlike anything found in the mass market

An inspiring product line offered by Seasonal Living® is the Black Lace Collection, and calling it fashion forward is not an over statement! This collection combines strength and elegance in a fresh and timeless way.

One piece, the Black Lace chair, is made—one chair at a time– using a powder coated steel frame wrapped with Viro™ High Density Polyethylene wicker. Two master weavers spend two weeks hand-weaving the lace pattern for each chair, guided by patterns found in nature.302FT102P2-B CLOSE UP

A unique wicker material is used for weaving: it’s a high-density, high-end all-weather material reminiscent of leather, with the same level of integrity and suppleness. It’s non-toxic, recyclable and UV resistant. Perhaps the best attribute of the material is that it’s easy to clean: just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

The Black Lace collection is genuinely distinctive; if you’re having trouble picturing it–even after this somewhat detailed description–it’s because you’ve never seen anything like it before, indoors or out. Like all Seasonal Living collections, Black Lace is made to stand up to the elements and will provide comfortable seating for years to come on any patio or deck. But it’s equally at home inside the home.  An optional cushion pad is available should you require it, however none of our clients have ever ordered one of these cushion pads after experiencing the supreme comfort that the Viro weave offers.

So that dilemma of years past has not been solved. Now your neighbors will be wondering why your customer is bringing the classy indoor furniture outside.

How flexible is your furniture for use in or outdoors?  Does it provide a look that offers you not only the flexibility but the ease of using the furniture indoors or outdoors?