Ingot Byzantine Super.Bio.Fuel™ Fire Table

Dimensions: 58W x 33D x 12 (+8in. Glass)H
Weight: 106lb
Product #:
Modern Hammer Aged Bullion Top + Sides | Smooth Inca Cacao Plinth Base
Modern Hammer Nubian Top + Sides | Smooth Raw Sterling Plinth Base

Hand-hammered copper top and sides with smooth-finish base and Permalac® coating, powder-coated low-carbon steel inner support frame, adjustable nylon glides; spun stainless steel burner and cover; tempered glass fire guard with matte black plated aluminum clips


Technical Specifications

Detailed Dimensions
Ships in 1 crate (table) and 2 carton boxes (burner and glass guard)

Standard (inches/lbs.)
Net: Table 58w 33d 12h
28.5dia 8h glass fire guard sits on top of pedestal
Gross: Box 1 64w 37d 17h | Box 2 13.5w 13.5d 7h | Box 3 22.5w 11d 12h
Net Weight: 106
Gross Weight: 241
Estimated Packed CBF: 24.4

Metric (cm/kg)
Net: Table 147.5w 84d 30.5h
72.5dia 20.5h glass fire guard sits on top of pedestal
Gross: Box 1 162.5w 94d 43h | Box 2 34.5 w 34.5 d 18 h | Box 3 57 w 28 d 31 h
Net Weight: 48
Gross Weight: 109
Estimated Packed CBM: .69


Product Care

More Details

Each item is individually produced by artisans using traditional hammer and metalworking techniques. No mechanical processes are used; all patterns are created by individual hammer strikes. As such, each piece is unique and will vary in color and pattern.

Product requires simple assembly.

How to order Super.Bio.Fuel™

Seasonal Living does not sell liquid fuels. To order fuel:

• Visit

• At checkout, enter promo code SEASONAL_LIVING_FUEL_10. Your 10% discount will be calculated at checkout.

• Use code at checkout on each order.

Only use SUPER.BIO.FUEL™. Do not use Ethanol or other liquid fuels in this burner. Not heeding this warning can lead to physical harm or property damage.

Download and read all safety information

Visit to download safety information, including:

• Super.Bio.Fuel™ User Manual

• Super.Bio.Fuel™ Material Data Safety Sheet

• Super.Bio.Fuel™ Starter Fluid Material Data Safety Sheet

Super.Bio.Fuel™ Burner Warning

Before operating the SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ Burner, ALWAYS read Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions. NEVER operate burner without fully understanding complete instructions. ALWAYS read manufacturer warnings and directions on all packaging and warnings on products. Make sure you are fully comfortable with the burner’s operations before operating the burner and always think safely about fire operation.

The Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions are included with your shipment of merchandise. They’re also available at

For your customer’s SAFETY, make sure you provide customer with Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions. Should you require a replacement, please contact Seasonal Living.

USE ONLY SUPER.BIO.FUEL™. NEVER USE ETHANOL or any other fuel! This burner is not designed to burn ethanol fuel or other types of liquid fuels safely.

• Requires long handled candle lighter for lighting.

• Top of burner becomes extremely hot when burning; never touch burner once fire is burning and for at least 45 minutes after burner flames have been extinguished.

• Always use the included glass fire guard.

• Caution: Glass Fire Guard and other burner surfaces are very hot to the touch.

• Never leave any fire unattended.

• Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

• Do not let children or pets play near the burner.

• Do not attempt to cook on burner or roast marshmallows.

• Shut down or extinguish any fire during windy conditions.

• Always follow manufacturer fire burner operation instructions. Failure to follow recommended safe practices may result in property damage or physical harm.

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