Ingot Aztec Super.Bio.Fuel™ Fire Pedestal | Medium

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Dimensions: 42H x 18Dia
Weight: 49lb
Product #:
Ingot Aztec Super.Bio.Fuel™ Fire Pedestal | Medium


Hand-hammered copper top and sides with smooth-finish base and Permalac® coating, powder-coated low-carbon steel inner support frame, adjustable nylon glides; spun stainless steel burner and cover; tempered glass fire guard with matte black plated aluminum clips

Of fire, water, earth, and air, fire’s powerful symbolism is most compelling. Fire conjures images of creation, transformation, passion, and motivation. The Ingot Collection, drawing on these rich references, is a luxurious selection of exactingly hand-crafted and handmade cocktail and accent tables, fire pits and pedestals forged of welded copper and brass. Each unique work of functional art features never-before-seen, hand-hammered designs that have been developed over generations. The families of craftspeople who create these pieces have a deep understanding of earth’s precious metals, not unlike Rilke’s grasp of poetry, or Picasso’s mastery of art.

Santa Clara de Cobre was the largest producer of copper in New Spain during colonial times, and the center of copper production for centuries. Artisans steeped in metalworking craft follow an incredibly laborious process to manually produce every aspect of each table, pedestal, and fire pit so the resulting object is one to be cherished and admired, as you would a fine painting or sculpture. Their workshop is an evocative world of smoke and heat where age-old hammering techniques completely replace mechanical procedures. The resulting works are true heirlooms that reflect love of the craft, having been handed down from generation to generation.

The painstaking process involves flattening sheets of copper over intensely hot pinewood fires, hammering decorations into the washed copper, adding patinas and colors to the face of the metal before it is fashioned into luxurious furnishings that stand the test of time. Once complete, each object is coated with PVC to protect the copper finish against fading or oxidation so that it can be enjoyed, admired, and treasured well into the future.

Each item is individually produced by artisans using traditional hammer and metalworking techniques. No mechanical processes are used; all patterns are created by individual hammer strikes. As such, each piece is unique and will vary in color and pattern.

Product requires simple assembly.

How to order Super.Bio.Fuel™

Seasonal Living does not sell liquid fuels. To order fuel:

• Visit

• At checkout, enter promo code SEASONAL_LIVING_FUEL_10. Your 10% discount will be calculated at checkout.

• Use code at checkout on each order.

Only use SUPER.BIO.FUEL™. Do not use Ethanol or other liquid fuels in this burner. Not heeding this warning can lead to physical harm or property damage.

Download and read all safety information

Visit to download safety information, including:

• Super.Bio.Fuel™ User Manual

• Super.Bio.Fuel™ Material Data Safety Sheet

• Super.Bio.Fuel™ Starter Fluid Material Data Safety Sheet

Super.Bio.Fuel™ Burner Warning

Before operating the SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ Burner, ALWAYS read Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions. NEVER operate burner without fully understanding complete instructions. ALWAYS read manufacturer warnings and directions on all packaging and warnings on products. Make sure you are fully comfortable with the burner’s operations before operating the burner and always think safely about fire operation.

The Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions are included with your shipment of merchandise. They’re also available at

For your customer’s SAFETY, make sure you provide customer with Manufacturer’s Operating Instructions. Should you require a replacement, please contact Seasonal Living.

USE ONLY SUPER.BIO.FUEL™. NEVER USE ETHANOL or any other fuel! This burner is not designed to burn ethanol fuel or other types of liquid fuels safely.

• Requires long handled candle lighter for lighting.

• Top of burner becomes extremely hot when burning; never touch burner once fire is burning and for at least 45 minutes after burner flames have been extinguished.

• Always use the included glass fire guard.

• Caution: Glass Fire Guard and other burner surfaces are very hot to the touch.

• Never leave any fire unattended.

• Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

• Do not let children or pets play near the burner.

• Do not attempt to cook on burner or roast marshmallows.

• Shut down or extinguish any fire during windy conditions.

• Always follow manufacturer fire burner operation instructions. Failure to follow recommended safe practices may result in property damage or physical harm.

Detailed Dimensions
Ships in 1 crate (pedestal) and 2 carton boxes (burner and glass guard)

Standard (inches/lbs.)
Net: Pedestal 18 dia 36 h

14dia 6h glass fire guard sits on top of pedestal
Gross: Box 1 22w 22d 52h | Box 2 8.5w 8.5d 6h | Box 3 12w 9d 10.5h
Net Weight: 49
Gross Weight: 125
Estimated Packed CBF: 11.3

Metric (cm/kg)
Net: Pedestal 45.5 dia 91.5 h

35.5dia 15h glass fire guard sits on top of pedestal
Gross: Box 1 56w 56d 132h | Box 2 21.5w 21.5d 15h | Box 3 30.5w 23d 26.5h
Net Weight: 22
Gross Weight: 54.5
Estimated Packed CBM: .32

Visit the Product Documentation Page for the Ingot Aztec Super.Bio.Fuel™ Fire Pedestal | Medium


This Ingot Super.Bio.Fuel™ Fire Pedestal or Fire Table products require that you use the products in the CORRECT manner in which they are intended with the correctly specified fuel.


DO NOT: Sit on, Climb, stand or Jump on/ off products or use them as a step ladder!

Always supervise children around these products, DO NOT PERMIT them to play on or under any of these products. Children are Your Responsibility, ALWAYS supervise children for their own safety.

ALWAYS follow Manufacturer’s Instructions.

Failure to follow this WARNING may lead to: Property Loss, Damage to Property, Serious Bodily Injury, Death & may VOID your Product Warranty.

Access the Ingot Fire Manual / User Manual/ instructions using a smart phone / tablet:
Updated: 05/19