Inda LED Light Bulb

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Dimensions: 3.5H x 4.625Dia
Weight: 0.44lb
Packing Info: 5W x 5D x 4H
Weight: 0.5lb
Product #:
Inda LED Light Bulb


Molded plastic

The INDA Cordless Outdoor Lighting Collection: A brand new approach to lighting (in or outdoors) from Seasonal Living.

Our new outdoor cordless lamps are marvels of gorgeous, forward-thinking design. Crafted to cast a warm golden glow over moonlit terraces and twilight garden parties, INDA Cordless lamps are also the perfect solution for interior designers (and end users) frustrated by a lack of electrical power points. Place a handsome table or floor lamp anywhere you like? That dream is now a reality. Imagine: an affordable indoor/outdoor lighting solution that is stylish, operable in wet and damp conditions, a cinch to move wherever illumination is required and child’s play to use and maintain. INDA allows you to set the mood whenever and however you like.

Designer Louis A. Lara turned to LED technology to solve a number of outdoor lighting issues, such as trailing, unsightly electrical cords, insufficient power sources, and weak light provided by solar-powered bulbs. INDA’s warm white LED lights are easily transferred from lamp base to charging plate and back again, where a fully charged light will radiate for over seven full hours.

Select bases of handmade, high-fired ceramic in gorgeous jewel tones, or low luster, Venetian plaster smooth lightweight concrete (comprising Portland cement, sand, crushed granite, natural spring-fed water and fibrous ramie). Both materials imbue INDA’s Cordless table and floor lamp bases with ease of mobility and enough heft to ward off wind gusts. The soft white UV-inhibited Polyethylene lamp shade (perfect for sunny locations) is supported by silvery anodized aluminum frames that fit snugly into the lamp’s architecture creating glints of reflective light.

Lara designed the floor lamp with seating in mind, placing the light at just the right height to complement the scale of the furniture, thus creating atmosphere and illumination precisely where you want it. Future incarnations of the INDA collection will include other materials that reflect Seasonal Living’s signature palette, expanding the range of mix and match design possibilities for indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Important Information About Charging

LED lights are easily moved from lamp base to charging base

Each charging base accommodates 1 LED light; a 6-pack multi charger is available separately

Charging base and lamp are CE ROHS certified, charging base cord and plug UL certified

Charging base comes with separate USA electrical plug, 100-240V/50-60Hz, rating class B

Recommended charging temperature: 10° to 45°C/50° to 113°F. Charging base will not function at temperatures below 0°C/30°F or above 46°C/115°F.

Charging base is for indoor use only; not suitable for charging in outdoor wet or damp location

After approx 600 full recharges, battery capacity to hold charge drops by 20%

Battery certificate CE ROHS

LED Light Information

Bulb locks to lamp base for secure operation

Warm white LED light is operated by push on/off button built into LED light fixture and/or the remote control included with lamp or bulb purchase

Remote control works within a 4-meter radius and provides on/off control for all compatible INDA lamps

Rechargeable light consists of 34 type 3014 SMD LEDs

Light module color temperature: 233.15k–333.15k Kelvin | Brightness: 288–432 lumens | CRI: 80 | Energy use: 3 watts

3.7V 3600mAh lithium battery recharges in 5 hours and lasts approximately 6.5 hours on a single charge

Works best in temperatures between -15 to 49°C/5 to 120°F

Operates in wet and damp conditions

Is UV resistant (over time some fading and change to surfaces may occur)

1-year warranty from date of purchase from Seasonal Living

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