Archipelago Nicobar Chair + Ottoman Set

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Weight: 45lb
Packing Info: 43W x 33D x 54H
Weight: 63lb
Product #:



Powder-coated aluminum frame, polypropylene rope weave, black nylon glides; fast-dry foam cushion with crocheted zippered cover

The archipelagos of the earth, strewn like pearls across endless, crystal turquoise seas, have sparked the imagination since the dawn of ancient maritime history. Exploring these far-flung islands leaves you open to powerful experiences, from conquering the frozen Faroe Islands and their steely spirit, to succumbing to the pull of crisp-white tropical beaches that fringe tiny islands floating in jewel-toned, equatorial waters, such as the Andaman Archipelago. Today, the fascination lingers, inspiring our designers to channel their passions into making the functional art that is our Archipelago Collection.

For generations, craftspeople living along the edges of the planet’s archipelagos—from Norway’s Svalbard in the Arctic Sea, to Tierra del Fuego across the Strait of Magellan—have been inspired by the icy northern waters and tropical iridescent blue seas that surround them. They have infused the Archipelago Collection with light, reflecting the silvery greys and soft taupe and topaz hues that glint off southern waters; sheer cliff slate and charcoal, drawn from the chilled, rocky terrain of the north; and Turkish blues that play off softer ocean tones in this luxurious dining, seating, and lounging collection. Sink back, relax and let your mind drift to the archipelagos of the world where dreams become reality.

This handcrafted collection is finely crafted using powder-coated metals, lovingly wrapped with polypropylene yarns that are twisted and knotted to create alluring shapes, styles, textures, and patterns. Airy-comfort is key here. But, of course it is. Luxury like this is not merely artful, it transports you to faraway destinations, whether they exist along the equator, in the Arctic, or the wide world of your imagination.

Sold as a set of 1 chair and 1 ottoman in same color
Chair and ottoman each include 1 seat cushion

Standard (inches)
Net: Chair 41w 30d 52.5h | Ottoman 23.5w 19d 13.5h
Metric (cm)
Net: Chair 104w 76d 133.5h | Ottoman 59.5w 48.5d 34.5h

Detailed Dimensions
Chair/Ottoman set ships in 1 carton box

Standard (inches/lbs.)
Net: Chair 41w 30d 52.5h | Ottoman 23.5w 19d 13.5h

Net Weight: Chair 35 | Ottoman 10
Gross Weight: 50
Estimated Packed CBF: 30.6

Metric (cm/kg)
Net: Chair 104w 76d 133.5h | Ottoman 59.5w 48.5d 34.5h

Net Weight: Chair 15 | Ottoman 4.5
Gross Weight: 22.5
Estimated Packed CBF: .87

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