Kakaban. The word alone evokes exoticism, adventure, beauty, and mystery. Our new sectional of luxurious, aged-to-perfection premium Javanese teak, is designed and created to weather the elements with strength and grace. The collection, named after the pristine Indonesian volcanic island, inspires you to slip into a dream state where the call of exotic birds lulls you, the sight of swarms of sleek, silvery barracuda excite you, and the lush landscape of blues, greens, and sunset pinks soothe your harried mind.

The Kakaban line takes its inspiration straight from nature, reflecting the simple, powerful nature of virgin forest whose ethereal canopy reaches heavenward, or a lagoon filled with hundreds of strange, breathtakingly gorgeous stingless jellyfish. These hypnotic creatures dance through nutrient-dense Lake Jellyfish, throbbing and floating in an odd ballet, nonchalant and airy without a care in the world. You’ll feel the same when you sink into the soft, crisp-white cushions that perfectly complement the collection’s signature silver-stained teak, and black, powder-coated aluminum frame. This is carefree, timeless furniture for a carefree, relaxed you.

The fabulous new Kakaban sectional is designed for the embrace of the outdoors. The aged silver teak stain has already put you in harmony with nature—no need for maintenance of any kind—so its sleek, elegant sophistication will endure well into the future.

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