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Seasonal Living Blog

Autumn Entertains

The transition from summer to fall is always one we look forward to.  The heat finally breaks, the evenings are slightly chilly, and outdoor entertaining is arguably at its best.  The breathtaking transformation of nature lures us outdoors once more before the cold sets-in.  

An evening harvest picnic is elevated with Ceramic Accent Furniture and surrounded by pillows from our SouthLake Fabric Collection adding comfort and style to an intimate setting.

Our creative instincts point us to incorporate the brilliant colors of mother nature’s canvas in our decorative surroundings.  Porches, tablescapes, and other living spaces are refreshed in palettes of yellow, orange, and earthy tones, easily accomplished with jack-o-lanterns in-waiting and pottings of prized chrysanthemums.  Our Perpetual Lightweight Concrete Loire Dining Table provides a sleek, modern surface for swooning guests with a feast for the senses.

For a more casual affair, there is no better time to enjoy a warm mug of apple cider by the glow of a fire while sharing stories from the summer with friends and neighbors.  There is something about an outdoor fire on an almost-cold evening, and the mood evoked by the smell of crisp, autumn leaves that makes us want to gather together with our favorite people.

Whether you are sitting around a campfire, or a more contemporary alternative such as our concrete Zanzibar Fire Table (for in or outdoor use) fueled with Super Bio Fuel, this landscape trend is one that is quickly becoming a beloved tradition.

When the last guest has gone, your own back porch is the perfect place to unwind with the falling leaves.  Our modern, rustic Explorer Oceans Lounge Chair is hewn from recyclable, organic, all-weather materials, and resonates the natural beauty of a rugged landscape. 

Last, but not least, with shorter days and earlier sunsets approaching, you will want to take full advantage of the newest technology in LED cordless, outdoor lighting.  Our INDA Firefly Torches and Pendants are an easy and beautiful way to illuminate your landscape and living spaces without any of the fuss and hassle of extension cords and complicated wiring.   Place your lighting wherever you need it.  Fully portable for use indoors and outdoors, INDA allows you to set the mood whenever and however you like.  


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